RV-Park rates include electricity, water,
sewer, wi-fi and ALL taxes
Laundromat on site           Free Showers

Rates are based on two adults, one car, one RV and one boat per site.
Kids stay for free with their parents inside the RV.
Pets stay free with a limit of 2 pets per site
No refund for early departure
Monthly sites are only available for fishermen, retirees,
or workers coming to the area for a temporary job
Additional overnight car: $ 5.- /night or $100/month
Additional tent on RV-site $ 10.- night or $200/month

Overflow with 15 AMP electric (bring extension cord)
$ 25.- / night  
$ 150.- / week
$ 400.- / month

Tent  site: $ 25.- /night, additional tent $ 10.-/night

Please, be considerate of our delicate septic system,
toilet-paper only!!
Our water pressure is high and we strongly recommend
use of a water pressure regulator.

Please recycle!             Owner on site           Owner operated

We hope you'll enjoy your stay!
The Lodge
Seen from the top of
Wind Mountain
Wind Mountain RV Resort in Home Valley
50561 State Highway 14
Home Valley / Stevenson, WA 98648

Tel. (509) 607-3409
between 9 AM and 7 PM
Wind Mountain RV Park
RV Sites 5, 6 and 7
Rolf and Astrid
Entering Home Valley from the west
RV-sites # 2 and # 3
Pull Thru Sites # 5, # 6 and # 7
Site  # 8 and # 9

Nightly:    30 AMP
Weekly:    30 AMP
2 weeks:   30 AMP
3 Weeks:
Monthly:   30 AMP
Monthly:   50 AMP

New bath-house
with laundry facilities
and community room
under construction
(see pictures below)

Open throughout
Pets welcome, but we have a zero tolerance for barking
$   40.-    50 AMP  $  45.-
$ 240.-    50 AMP  $ 270.-
$ 450.-    50 AMP  $ 500.-
Same as monthly rates
$ 550.- to $ 650.-
(monthly rates vary per site, and size RV)
$ 600.- to $ 700.- (monthly rates vary per site, and size RV)

Did You Know?

Americans use about
50 billion plastic
water bottles a year.
Only about 1 in 5 are recycled
leading to around
3 billion lbs. of plastic waste.

Also, drinking bottled water
wastes water.
A water bottle requires
3x as much water just to produce
the plastic as it
does to fill it.
This plastic production
for water bottles also
uses around 17 million barrels of
oil every year. Enough to fuel 1
million cars for a year.

Check-in time for RV-park between Noon and 7 PM.
Check-out for RV's is Noon
(arrangements can be made for later check in time)

If you have to cancel your reservation, you can do so within 7 days of the
time of your planned visit and you won't be charged. If you don't cancel in
time we will charge you for one full night, unless we can rent your room or
RV-site out to somebody else.
We apologize for any inconvenience.  

Inquiries about availability can be done by e-mail, but reservations
have to be made over the phone and
credit card information needs to be provided.
We accept Visa, Master, Discover and American Express.

We do not give a refund for early departure,
unless we can rent the RV-site out to somebody else

Long term guests (longer than 1 month) need to be fishermen, retired,
or come to the area for a temporary job.

We only take
reservations for
overnight RV's
within 48 hours
prior to arrival.

Quiet hours: 10 PM - 8 AM
Pets need to be leashed at all
times, they need to be picked up
after, and not left alone RV.
No barking!
Water pressure regulators
strongly recommended
No generators
No tarps
No grumpy people
No car or RV washing, and no
All overnight guests need
to register
No refund for early departure
Host Brae